Runurban Speed And Form Frequently Asked Questions

If I join for one night per week, can I come to any UA training session I choose?
We ask that you pick a program and stick with the day you choose. We do allow you to make up session by attending an alternate workout day. This is by special request only. You can make these requests in an email to:

Do I have to be fast to join?
Runners of all paces are welcome to join the program, as long as you have been running approximately 10-15 miles per week. Our program is unique, in that we treat each athlete as an individual. You will be placed in a pace group with other runners who are similar to you, and not pushed to run faster than what would be appropriate for you to improve and benefit from the session.

What if I travel on weekends and can’t make long runs?
One of the biggest assets of the RunUrban program is your Personal Coach. Your coach will email a daily running program on a weekly basis. It is not necessary to complete long runs as a group.

Can I leave my bags somewhere while I'm running?
You may leave your bags in the stores for groups that meet at a UA location. For the East Six Street track, please note you are responsible for your own personal belongings and should not bring any valuables with you to the track.

How long do the session last?
Including the warm up and cool down, sessions last approximately one hour. We leave to run promptly at the start time. Arrive early if you need to change before the workout.

What happens if I know I can't make a few of the sessions during the ten week period?
You are welcome to make up sessions at other session days. To arrange for a make up session please email:

What if I get injured and can't participate?
With a doctor's note we will refund you for any weeks from the date on the doctor's letter forward. No retroactive refunds will be given under any circumstances.

For more information contact: or call (212) 828-1906


“I’m new to UA and have found the training different from other running clubs in that the coaching is completely personalized. I’m not following a boilerplate group schedule, so it’s easy to incorporate my life... work travel, races, and vacations with a comprehensive schedule made just for me.” - Gerson


RunUrban is NYC’s premiere program because our staff believes in excellence. At RunUrban we believe in first hand experience and education. Those two things build the foundation of all our programs. Our Coaches are all USA Track & Field Certified and are practicing runner’s themselves. Our nutrition counselors are graduates of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with different specialties.

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